Why the rush?

Most of the time when we passed by a playground, my son would asked if he could play and my reply 90% of the time would be a firm no.

Today after a simple meal, he asked the same question again but I said ok. Because today (Saturday) we had no plan.

I put down my phone and watched him play. I have forgotten how enjoyable it is by looking at him. Then I realized I have not took decent photography of him for a long time. I can’t recall when was the last time.

I whipped out my phone, and try to make full use of my iPhone 14 Pro. Armed with the “best” camera you can find on a phone right now, I started shooting away. I shot as if he is still that cute little boy in my eyes.

Oh boy, I spent a great 40 minutes bonding with him. Such a simple short activity yet it brings us so much value. From now on, if he asked that same question again, I would reply yes 90% of the time.

Totally worth the few minutes of my time for the big smile on his face.