Tiger Brokers

I’ve been using UOB Kay Hian to trade shares for one thousand years. And their user interface has been the same since day one. I can understand why. All the players in this field are the same. All having shitty app and outdated web interface. And there is no reason to spend money just to improve a simple buy/sell function.

So Robinhood came in and change the game. Sleek and simple app with zero-fee trading. Unfortunately they are not available in Singapore yet. Then as usual copy cats started to appear. And now we have Tiger and Moomoo fighting for market share. To be honest, I’m not very satisfied with both, but at least they are WAY BETTER than UOB Kay Hian.

My main concern is their sales support. Based on the reviews I read, they have almost no support at all. You are pretty much on your own or maybe can try Facebook Group for help. Perhaps they are ramping up users aggressively, hence not enough manpower to support yet. Hopefully that will improve in future.

Moomoo says it will give new users 1 Apple Share upon signing up and deposit at least SGD 2700. I’ve done that, and after 10 days I got nothing. So I won’t recommend Moomoo since they don’t deliver what they have promised. Tiger is the one to go as of now. I’m not 100% into Tiger but that’s the best available now in Singapore IMO.

Stay safe and invest safe.