Squared Online Digital Marketing Course

I’ve completed a five-month Squared Online Digital Marketing Course developed with Google and powered by Avado. I must say it is the most comprehensive online course I’ve attended by far.

Showing off my certificate with distinction

Top 10% of the cohort

Anyway I'm the top 20 of 100ish students. See? Not that impressive anymore right? That’s how marketing works, it is always about choosing the “correct” words. To be frank, it is an open book exam so I'm not exactly celebrating.

I was taken aback by how in depth digital marketing is. To apply what we've learnt and put it into practice, you need a team of marketers.

As a Solopreneur, I quickly realized implementing what I’ve learnt is impossible. Marketing activities cannot take up significant amount of my time. I still need to conduct viewing, communication, negotiation, taking photos, paperwork, replying to email and the list goes on.

So I wonder instead of attending this full-fledged marketing course, is there a simplified digital marketing course designed for Solopreneur. Learning just the important stuff which took no more than 20% of your work time to execute. That would be nice.

After the course, I'm practicing about 5% of what I've learnt. But at least now I understand the bigger picture of a detailed marketing campaign. And I have a complete marketing tools at my disposal.

Perhaps I should create a Digital Marketing Course for Solopreneur?