Selling Clubhouse invitation

Following a friend of mine that sold 3 of his Clubhouse invites for $50. I decided to join in the fun since I do not have any friend interested in this new viral app.

As usual, I did my research on the market rate. So my finding is people are selling from $13 to $100 per invite. I doubt the one selling at $100 did any market research. I decided to price my invite at $18. Which is about the average rate in Carousell.

I do not want to spent too much time with this, so I simply did a screenshot of Clubhouse and copy the description from my “competitors”.

And this is what my listing on Carousell looks like:

Left 5 invites.

  1. Check with me availability
  2. Share your contact for me to add
  3. Transfer payment first
  4. Get invitation from me
  5. No need to meet up

After I’ve listed the “product”, within 24 hours I got 4 enquires and sold 3 invites. I must say the closing rate is very impressive! And all of them didn’t even negotiate the price. One of the enquiry came in, in the middle of the night when I was sleeping. If not the closing rate could have been 100%.

Wow, anyway $54 for 3 invites within 24 hours! A very good Ang Bao money for me! So now you’ll know what to do when you have Clubhouse invite and don’t know what to do with it.