Pixel perfect

Today I found the best way to illustrate the perfectionism in me. I always strive to achieve pixel perfect quality in the work I produce. The kind of detail not many people will notice.

For some reason, my eyes are able to identify those pixel error. And once it does, that imperfect spot became an eyesore and I couldn't get it off my head until I fix it.

My current website is a good example. Lately I've noticed a pixel of white line below the image. You can't see it when the browser is in full screen mode but it is noticable when the browser wide is 50% of the display or in mobile. Square image don't have this issue.

Perhaps something to do with aspect ratio and responsive calculation. Aargh... now I've a thorn in my butt.

Sometimes I prefer to be less perfect so life will be easier. Are you a perfectionist?