Options trading

I learnt about options trading back in April 2021. And I've been watching countless videos about it. Started my trade at the end of April and has been paying for "school fees" along the way.

I think options trading is a skillset I would like to master. It can provides additional income using a small amount of time. I'll use my Netflix time to make some money at night.

Now I'm a little information overloaded. Trying to digest and apply what I've learnt at the same time. Deriving my own algorithm to make a calculated trade each time.

In July, other than my real estate business I'm busy doing all that. I'm also carefully moving my shares from UOB Kay Hian to Interactive Brokers.

Oh and I'm having my 2nd vaccine jab this Friday. Kind of to wrap up the month. I'm pretty excited for August to come, to harvest the seeds that I've been planting this month.