Options trading update #3

October has been a great month. Stocks has been going through the roof. It’s good for long term stocks holding but bad for selling put options.

My shortlisted stock price for selling put has been way too high. I can’t find any support hence didn’t have a lot of trading opportunities.

I’ve learnt to be patience. It is ok to sit on your hands and wait. Don’t force yourself into a trading position just because you don’t want to see your cash idling.

Thankfully most of my wheels got assigned in September and I’ve sold call with longer expiration date. Hence I only need to sell a few put options for the month. I should have sold calls with 15 DTE instead of 30 because APPL and AMD did recovered fast and crossed my strike in just two weeks.

Anyway October performed well. I've achieved my goal. Mainly because I gradually and carefully increases my margin usage to my planned amount so I would expect similar returns moving forward.