Options trading update #2

This morning I was very excited to tabulate my performance for September. I quickly finish my breakfast, jump into my computer and start pulling data. And I did 5% last month.

Should I celebrate? No, not at all. I made my worst trade just a few days into September. So the high premium came from those trade. In reality, I was assigned $5000 worth of stocks which is now value around $1100. But until I sold them away, they are simply unrealized losses. Which means I may have a chance to turn the table around.

Historical data tell us that September is usually the worst month for traders. Well, it was pretty accurate. The market didn't react much until second half of the month. Then it went red. This Friday most of my positions will be assigned which is pretty shocking for me. But thankfully I followed the strategy after learning my lesson so those shares that I may get assigned are solid companies.

October could be the month to sell Call Options. Hopefully the premium will be good good good!