Options trading final update

It was a bearish market in January and I expect the bearish trend continue in February. I did not sell any put options, but sold covered calls and credit spread. The returns for January is about 0.8% positive mainly because I am still testing the results of credit spread hence those positions are relatively small.

This month I may try out debit spread as well. Also DCA into some of my shortlisted stocks listed below. I decided to stop updating my options trading chart because it wasn't accurate.

My main stocks and options trading are in the same account which makes the accounting challenging. I had cash in my account which was intended for options trading but I used it to buy some shares. So the return is kind of messed up.

Anyhow I plan to continue recording my learning progress just not on a monthly basis. Oh btw, 新年快乐!

Tier 1 Stocks (35% of Portfolio)

  • TSLA
  • AAPL
  • GOOG

Tier 2 Stocks (5% of Portfolio)

  • NVDA
  • AMD
  • PLTR
  • U
  • RBLX
  • CRWD
  • TTD
  • DOCU
  • DOCN
  • NET
  • SE
  • UPST
  • SHOP
  • SNOW