Not so contactable

Have you come across commercial website that don’t display a phone number? But with some luck you are able to dig it out after going through pages of FAQs, Forums, Supporting ticket, you get the idea.

You see, that’s on purpose. It is to filter off redundant communication where information is easily available on the website. This remove the need for hiring additional phone operators for lazy people.

When I started my real estate business, I was trained to captured every single leads I can get. Then try my best to convert those leads into a viewing appointment and close the sales.

That works pretty well given the fact that I wasn’t overwhelmed with leads I couldn’t manage.

As times goes by technology improves. Internet became faster. Information is more accessible and that slowly changes human behaviour. People now expect instantaneous reply or answer. They are too impatient to read or search. Instead they find the shortest possible route which is to get in touch with someone.

If you observe the comments in the Facebook Ads. You can find people asking for pricing when it was clearly stated in the post or description.

When a company is too contactable, people will abuse the conveniency. For me, I received calls from people asking for direction even though my website shows clearly about office leasing front and centre.

Now I don’t placed my phone number in prominent area. Instead it only appears in certain pages.

For this site that you are reading, I don’t even have a contact form. Just an email address. I make it a hassle to reach me because I believe writing an email is more intentional. It has to be somewhat important to you for you to do that. And that deserve my attention to read your email.