My perfectionism

Perfectionism is stopping my video creation.

I have a long list of videos that I wanted to create but have not. I do enjoy the process of making video but I hate the daunting steps before pressing the record button.

The video pre-production is just too time consuming for me. I would want to make sure I look presentable in front of camera. Style my hair so it wasn’t messy. Position my camera so I’m perfectly in frame. Making sure there is enough gap above my head. Making sure I’m not too near or far from the camera. Making sure the video is properly exposed. Constantly having to adjust the exposure since I’m using daylight for my light source. Start a test recording and playback to make sure the audio is loud and clear, without heavy echoing or background noise.

The thought of the whole setting up process is indeed very discouraging. Sometimes I wanted to just grab my phone and start recording. But I couldn’t. I can’t accept the video quality from a phone. Even though nowadays phone cameras are getting better, it still couldn’t achieve that creamy bokeh effect from a DSLR camera.

Today, I tried to ignore the perfectionism inside me. I wanted to create a simple video tutorial, fast. So I decided not to record talking head, just plug in Blue Yeti mic and start my screen recording. From start to finish took me less than 2 hours. It felt great. Just like how I write my blog now – focus on the content, not fireworks.

This is the short video tutorial I’ve made today about how to increase your Google My Business CTR. I hope it will give me the momentum to make more.

Do you have the same perfectionism that is holding you back?