Life Point System

When I was young, I used to imagine there is a point system in every human life cycle. Here's how it works.

Just before reborn, you are given 100 points by default. On top of that, you will get additional points if you have done a lot of good deeds in your previous life. And points deduction if you have done a lot of bad things. How much merit or demerit points depends on how many good or bad stuff you've done in your whole life.

So your next life will based on the default 100 points and additional or deduction points contributed in your previous life. Say for example you've been a good person, you'll get 100+50= 150 points for your next life. Bad person, maybe left 100-40= 60 points. You get the idea.

Now think of this like starting a new game. You are creating a new character for a game that you will play for a life. With the number of points you can customize everything. If you want to be smarter in your next life, maybe add 50 points to it. Want to be good looking? No problem, add 50 points to it.

But you only have limited points, so you need to balance it. If you spent too much on IQ and Looks, you may have short-lived life. Or live poorly, lack of EQ and other skills. After you die or game over, the whole cycle will repeat again.

This life point system is how I would explain to myself on why there is no perfect person in the world. If a person is very short, he/she may have allocated more points to their IQ and EQ. If a person looks very ugly, he/she could be very wealthy or has a long life. What if a person is smart, good looking and wealthy? Well, maybe this person has done a lot of good deeds in their previous life.

So to me this life point system just make sense.

How many points have you accumulated so far?