Life after quitting social media

Firstly, I haven't quit all social media platforms; I still use X. What I've left behind are Facebook and Instagram. Occasionally, I log in just to take a look, ensuring my account remains active.

It's been nearly three years since I deleted those apps from my phone. My intention was to reduce screen time and have more free time for socializing with people around me and observing my surroundings.

To be honest, my screen time hasn't decreased significantly. I've used the time I would have spent on social media to read the latest news, play games, and write this post you're reading now. Sometimes, I simply put down my phone and enjoy looking into thin air.

I haven't achieved much in terms of reducing my screen time consumption, but I've gained a lot of mental space.

My mind has benefited greatly from not being exposed to Facebook ads, tantalizing food images, picturesque destinations, or perfect bodies. Without these distractions, I find myself less tempted to try new foods, travel to new places, or engage in comparisons. My mind feels decluttered.

Without social media, I no longer receive the latest updates on what my friends and family are doing. Consequently, our meetings are characterized by deeper and more meaningful conversations.