Leechers in general are lazy but smart people. They will shamelessly ask you for favours again and again. Army trained me well in handling them.

Now more so ever as I’m older and maybe a little wiser. I can comfortably voice out my thoughts and opinion openly as compare to my younger self. I no longer care deeply what others think of me. I’m not born to please people anyway.

My rule is very simple. I can be the friendly and Mr nice guy, but don’t you dare cross the line. I’ll return the favour with interest.

The way to deal with such people is to push them away the moment you feel they are taking advantage of you. If you allow them to succeed the first time, I guarantee you there will be more.

Your message has to be clear, firm and right in their face. If they can shamelessly made that request, there is no reason for you to give face.