Keeping ahead by staying behind

I chance upon this video. The title caught my attention – Keeping ahead by saying behind. I wonder how one can survive by staying behind technology. I’m curious why this Kyoto bag-maker refuses to sell his products online.

It is a family business that prefers to handle customer enquiries in person, and is generally inclined to doing things the old-fashioned way. I’m often amaze and admire how they can work on the same job for many years and not be sick of it. Probably because of that, they become very incredibly good and efficient at what they do.

I believe Japanese discover their ikigai at a very young age. (ikigai is a Japanese concept that means “a reason for being”.)

By ignoring e-commerce, Facebook, Instagram. And no customer enquires or email to check. They can truly focus on one thing – making the best product. And giving their best service and attention to walk-in customer.

Unfortunately due to COVID-19, they have no choice but to bring their business online

Suddenly I’m inspired to open a bakery to sell cheese cake. And I will only sell the original cheese cake, nothing else. Everyday I will just learn how to bake the cheese cake and refine my skill. Maybe 10 years later I can become Singapore #1 cheese cake bakery. And there will only be one shop selling, no franchise, no online. Everyday I only bake 10 cheese cakes. Sell finish, I can go home sleep.

I wish life is that simple.