Keep trying

Last Saturday I went to IKEA with my family with the intention of buying kitchen stuff not sofa. We have been wanting to change our 3-seater sofa to something smaller, compact. Because my wife is very choosy when comes to sofa, so it is not that straight forward when buying one. We have been casually looking for it since last year. Selected a model but it was already obsolete.

So that day I suggested a new design to my wife which I've been eyeing on my previous visit. Surprising she is ok with it! So I rush to the nearest counter before she changed her mind.

The IKEA staff helped us check for availability and told me the last thing I wanted to hear. The last item has been sold this morning! She told me the next stock will be arriving end of the month. That's like another 20+ days. Feeling disappointed, I asked if I can reserve a unit and make the payment now since I'm already here. But I was told they don't do reservation. Another disappointment! What that means is I need to check for availability on IKEA website towards the end of the month regularly. And once the stock has arrived, I need to rush down to make the purchase? So troublesome!

After I calm down, my never-give-up attitude kicks in. I use my phone to check the availability while continuing the usual IKEA tour. To my surprised the stock is available! WTF... You mean online and physical store inventory is different ah?

Immediately I used my fastest finger which I've been training my whole life (playing games) just for this moment! Thankfully I managed to secure Monday delivery slot which is today. Couldn't believe it at first, checked my email making sure the order is confirmed and is the right sofa!

This is a reminder for myself to maintain the never-give-up attitude and always keep trying. Because of that, I am now comfortably writing this piece on my new sofa. Not 20 days later. :)