Recently I’ve been trying to discover my ikigai. My reason for being. I felt something was missing and sometime I felt lost. Lost of direction. Not knowing what to do next. I hope finding my ikigai is the solution. The thing is, I’m a general of all things but master of none.

Other than my real estate profession, I do have quite a wide range of skill sets, but not professional level. Mainly because I enjoy learning new things and doing it myself. I’m a very hands on guy.

However I only learn enough to achieve what I want. Hence here and there I master only on the surface level. So I’m not exactly sure what I’m really good at that can bring value to people.

Finding what I love is also challenging for me because I have passion in lots of things. Web design, photography, minimal stuff, architecture, automation, digital marketing and the list goes on.

Today I found out that I actually do enjoy coding. You see, I’m a logical person. My brain works like an excel spreadsheet. That explain why I enjoy building Chatbot and using Integromat. But coding never come across my mind because I do not know any programming language other than the Boolean C++ that I learnt during my school days. Deep down I always wanted to develop my own iOS app but shy away from it because lack of programming knowledge.

Recently I’ve installed Swift Playgrounds App in my iPad to get my son start learning basic coding. Then today I thought, why can’t I learn as well. I shouldn’t be so afraid of programming language. Just learn like a student would. Play, have fun and who knows one day I might develop some useful app that can bring value to people.

Maybe my ikigai is being an iOS app developer or maybe not. But that's ok because every attempt is a step closer.