I'm a Transonic Achiever, so what?

Transonic define in Wikipedia is the air flowing around an object at a speed that generates regions of both subsonic and supersonic airflow around that object.

For some reason this word is used by our Real Estate Team as a replacement for "top". For marketing purpose, Transonic Achiever sounded much better than Top Achiever right?

That's one of the things I dislike about this industry. Too many fluffy words to impress people.

I can remember the first time when I received a name card from a Real Estate agent. His title was Marketing Director. I looked at him as if there is a spotlight shining on him. In my mind I was thinking, Wow, ERA is a big company and this guy is the Marketing Director!

Later on I realised, almost every Real Estate agent is a Marketing Director, Associate Division Director, Senior Associate Group Director or Whatever Director. In my opinion, the position title has been misused to impress people. So who's the number one person in the company? Director's Director? Or Head of Director? CEO? Whatever.

Back to the award, it is also to impress people. At company level, we have monthly, quarterly and yearly awards. At team level, we also have monthly, quarterly and yearly awards.

At company level, you are competing against the whole company agents. At team level, you could be competing against 100 or 10 agents. Of course that depends how big your team is.

My point is, there are plenty of opportunities to receive an award as compare to other industry where awards are only presented once a year. The sole purpose for having so many awards is to motivate agents and gain credibility or maybe even a sales from people who are impressed by it.

However, "award" agents may not necessary guarantee good service. They may not have their customer's best interest but are surely good at closing deals. They could be pushy and use unethical sales tactics to close the deal.

And of course there are good "award" agents like me! Whahaha.. that's the whole point of this post!

No seriously don't give too much weight in such awards. It doesn't mean I'm doing extremely well or I'm a high reliable agent. It just meant I did a little better on that month. Or I could have consolidated all my sales into that month just to get the award. Ok not me, but there are agents who do that. Some even worse, they consolidated in team effort so that one person can always be the company's top achiever.

All these are the dark secrets in our industry. There will always be people out there trying to game the system no matter which industry you are in.

Anyhow my personal philosophy is whatever things I do, I must be able to sleep well at night.