I have no luck

At a young age, I came to a conclusion that I have no luck. I knowledge the fact that I wasn't born lucky. I can't remember how I came to that conclusion. Maybe I kept losing my pocket money during the annual Chinese New Year poker session or I was being told by a fengshui master.

I did recall a fengshui master once told me I don't have 偏财 (Indirect wealth) only 正财 (Direct wealth). Which means my wealth comes from the conventional way, like working, not from gambling related way.

Once I accepted that I have no luck, I don't particiate in lottery, lucky draw, etc. Not that I always do those stuff, just that I don't waste my time filling up lucky draw forms or thinking about winning toto.

Not only that, this apply to many decisions I've made in my life. I don't depend on luck to close a deal, I work extremely hard for it, I fight for it.

I don't hope for things to work out my way since I have no luck. So I plan forward and ensure things to work out my way. I don't hope that my luck will do the work for me.

Since I have no luck, it is easier to manage my expectation. Whatever the end result is, it is my responsiblity. Be it good or bad result, it is the result of my own doing. Nothing to do with luck.

Thank you god for making me an unlucky person. This makes me a better person by not relying on luck.