I don't send birthday wishes

To be precise, I don't send birthday wishes if I don't feel I'm genuine.

Previously I'm not like that. During my agent days, we have a group chat. Initially the group was small, everyone knows everyone. The birthday wishes felt genuine. But as the group grows, there is almost someone birthday every few days. And that someone I might not even know or met in person. Because everyone is sending he or she the birthday wishes, I felt obligated to follow along.

Other than that there is Facebook that reminds you today is someone's birthday. Everyday is someone's birthday. That's the main reason I switched my birth date to private.

Soon I realized I've been sending birthday wishes to people I don't know or don't care. I do it just because we are in the same group chat, or we are "friends" in Facebook. I do not remember or even try to remember any of their birth date at all. Then why am I sending the birthday wishes for?

I hate myself for being so fake. So I changed. I no longer do that. I think the most genuine birthday wishes is when I remember that person's birthday.

So don't be mad if I didn't send you birthday wishes, I don't want to lie in your birthday.

Just found out I wrote the same shit 3 years ago! lol