Huat Ah in funeral

It all began during Chinese New Year, with people joyously shouting "Huat Ah" during the festive Lo Hei. The trend then extended to birthday celebrations, housewarming events, and even corporate dinners.

Surprisingly, this custom has now infiltrated funeral ceremonies, where the priest encourages attendees to shout "Huat Ah" loudly after the chanting. Witnessing this act left me taken aback, as it seemed to cross a line. I believe that expressing wishes for prosperity is inappropriate in such a solemn event.

Reflecting on the past, over 30 years ago, funerals were characterized by sorrow, and thoughts of "getting rich" were far from anyone's mind. It's disheartening to observe the shift in Singaporean culture towards being overly focused on wealth, with a desperate desire for windfalls from activities like 4D or Toto. Seeking prosperity from a departed soul seems truly out of touch with reality.

If this happens at my funeral, I might just wake up and say, "F you!"