Handful of friends

I do not have a lot of friends but I’m not exactly an antisocial person. I just don’t frequently mix around with different new people. I am very “loyal” to my BFFs!

Till date I probably have 6 BFFs. They are from my primary school, secondary school, polytechnic and army. All carefully curated by me throughout the years and is the best among the best! I’m very thankful to have them in my life.

Btw I’m actually quite surprised that I don’t have any BFFs from my working environment. Probably everyone is taking just advantage of each other! Just kidding! Maybe a little…

Still remember when I first started as an real estate agent, I barely have any good colleagues to guide me along and I can understand why later on. Everyone is just busy closing deals, why would they slow down to help you? There is no incentive in helping a newbie become a better agent and potentially become a competitor later.

However when I started to get results and receive awards, people started to recognise me. I started to get a lot of agent “friends”. I would say a good amount of them is just trying to learn my “secret” marketing techniques and strategies. I’m ok with sharing, but whenever I ask about their methods they would just give a vague reply.

Anyway my BFF requirement is very simple. They must have a down-to-earth heart and we can click and talk about anything under the sun.

I don’t believe in having a lot of surface-level friends. I only believed in having a few genuine ones.

Today one of my BFF is driving from his home to fetch me back to his home. Have a lunch and chitchat session then send me back home again.

I’m fortunate enough to have friends that is willing to do all these for me. So thank you BFFs, please continue to do this if you want to remain on my list. Wahaha!

Btw I felt weird using BFF. Should I say Bro instead?