I dislike conflict. I hate confrontation. If only everyone understands each other and don’t step on the boundaries. Unfortunately human aren’t wired that way.

Today I had a confrontation. With a primary 5 boy. Let’s call him Mr White. During last swimming lesson, he held my boy’s head in the water. Preventing him from breathing. I was furious when my boy told me that. If he told me on the spot I would have confronted Mr White.

I asked my boy, “Then how did you get out of the situation?” He told me only because he let go. Mr White is big size for his age, morerover my son is a tiny primary 2 boy.

So today before start of the lesson I walked to Mr White’s mum and told her about what had happened. I also get her permission to clarify this with her son. She nodded. Then I walked to the coach, explained the situation and told him I’ll talk to his student.

Then I turned my body and faced Mr White. Lowered myself so we see eye to eye. When he is looking at me I asked him in a calm matter, “Did you push Yuzhe’s head in the water during the last lesson?” He replied in the same calm matter, “I’m just playing, and it is only like one second.” Then I told him, “If you hold onto him for one more second, he could have drown. I know you are playing but this is serious. And please don’t do that again.”

To my surprise, he tapped on my shoulder and said, “Sorry uncle, I won’t do that again.” Like how your buddy would reply after an argument.

Anyway I felt assured and so do my boy.

I'm usually quite chill with a lot of things my child does but when it comes to safety, my tolerance level is zero. I hope this event will help my boy be more alert when comes to safety and learn how to handle such situation.