On day 7 after I'm Covid-19 positive, I experienced shortness of breath. What worrying me was I'm not exercising, simply at rest. At night was worse, I can’t get into sleep. Every breath I took was like breathing through a handkerchief. It was hard. Felt like having an Asthma attack when I was a little boy. My main concern was what if this is permanent? What if I am going to breath that hard for the rest of my life.

I Googled to find answers. But it made me worried even more. Shortness of breath is deem as serious symptom and I should seek emergency help. So that night I was terrifying and worried if I fell asleep I may never wake up because I may forget to breath harder. True story!

The next morning I quickly took the Chinese medicine that was meant for my son since he had recovered. This chinese physician is kind of our "family doctor". We were told they have herbs for Covid-19 recovery so my wife got it for our boy. I am feeling well that time therefore I didn't took it. The balance medicine is my last hope of home recovery, if it doesn't work I will need to visit a GP.

Thankfully I felt slightly better that day and my wife use Grab service to collect a new batch of Chinese medicine. Today I just finished the last dose and I breath normally now. Now I appreciate every breath of fresh air in my lungs!

I'll leave the name card of the chinese physician below and for Google map click here.