My happiest moment

I’m Jinhoe—an office leasing agent based in Singapore.

As a real estate agent, I do a mix of everything from creating digital content to building lead generation websites. I have a passion for web design and photography.

Clean, functional and minimalism is part of my core and is what I try to portray in everything I produce.

More about me

If you're still reading this page it means you probably wish to know more about me. Wish granted.

I'm a Singaporean Chinese. Married with a beautiful wife and have a lovely son. My full name is Lian Jin Hoe and Lian is my family name. I have another business name—Kay which is easier to pronounce and remember especially for my overseas clients.

My childhood dream was to become an artist. So naturally, Art and Creativity are in my DNA. I'm a fan of optimising things to make my life simpler. I often recommend the products and services I've used in my daily life. In general, most of my stuff are from APPLE, UNIQLO, MUJI and IKEA.

I started as a sales engineer in 2004 and learnt the fundamental of doing business. Later on, I grew fond of entrepreneurship and started my first e-commerce store. That didn't work out so I jump into the real estate business during The Great Recession in 2009. I've made a video on how I become a real estate agent.

Along the way, I ventured into student hostel and serviced apartment. I exited the business in 2017. Out of interest, I learnt about chatbot and launched Udemy courses to teach people how to build a chatbot. I also built chatbot for SMEs and got interviewed by local media.

Now I help companies to locate suitable office spaces. At night I trade options.


I have retired from social media and chose to use my time on more meanful stuff. This site is now my personal space without ads. At some point I may jump back to my abandon Youtube channel.

If you want to reach me, you can use my email below.