A boss that cares

Today I conducted an office tour. In agent term we call it viewing.

After the viewing, my angmo client asked me where is the eateries around here. As usual, I do my thing and give him a quick overview of the surrounding.

Somehow, he wasn't satisfied and he asked again:

Are there any cheap local food around here?

Ah ha, so that's what he is looking for. Affordable every day food like hawker centre and food court for his employees. He is thinking about the welfare of his employees. What a caring boss. And he even wanted to walk around and see it for himself.

I've met a lot of bosses in my career but this is the first time I come across such question from someone high up.

He reminds me of my ex-boss in my first job. My ex-boss gave one simple instruction to our finance person that is to make sure our salary is paid on time every single month. No excuses or whatsoever. I can still remember how well he treated us till this day.

At the end of the viewing, my client surprised me again by asking:

How are you being compensated for your service?

I paused for awhile and explained to him that my commission is paid by the landlord upon a successful transaction and there is no fee for the tenant. I told him: "In short, you don't have to pay me anything." But if you find my service useful, please press the like button, subscribe and turn on the notification bell for more video! Ok that was from watching too much YouTube videos.

Joke aside, he even thought about my service fee. He cares for me too! I feel like crying inside.

Such clients makes me willing to climb a mountain or dig a tunnel for them.

I'll make sure his next office is as beautiful as his heart.