96995110 Dishonest Carousell seller

Before transacting on Carousell, I have two criteria to determine trustworthiness. Firstly, I check the account's join date, preferably over 2 years, the longer, the better, as scam accounts are likely terminated within a year or two. Next, I look at reviews, ideally more than 10 with a 4 or 5 stars rating.

With these criteria, I've had no issues until recently. I found Jonathan Tan's listing selling a Google Nest wifi router. He joined Carousell 8 years and 10 months ago and has 62 5-star reviews!

Jonathan Tan's Carousell account (@tan.ah.jon.shop)

Given my past experience, I considered his account highly trusted, so I transferred the money before receiving the product, something I never do. However, that's not where the dishonesty lies.

Here's the story:

The Carousell listing

Listing description

I made an offer of $100 for the product, and he agreed in writing, but he never clicked on the "accept offer" button on Carousell. Without this action, neither he nor I can give a review. That was my mistake; I should have ensured he did that before proceeding further.

Anyway, I arranged for Grab Express to collect and deliver the product to my house. I transferred the full amount to him before the Grab rider arrived. Everything went well, except when I asked him to accept my offer so we could exchange reviews, he did not respond. This raised a red flag for me. While I sensed a warning sign, I didn't dwell on it too much since I had already made the payment and received the product. Excitedly, I went home, eager to test the product.

I was able to add the Google Nest wifi router, and it is working properly. However, when I tried to add the add-on point for signal extension, it asked for a QR code, which I couldn't find. The alternative option was to enter an 8-digit setup code, which also did not exist at the bottom of the device.

There isn't a QR code to scan

There is no setup code either

I contacted Google support, but unfortunately, they informed me that there is no way to obtain the QR code or setup code. Their only solution is to offer a one-to-one replacement if the product was purchased within a year. What a serious design flaw this is. Clearly, this resale product is already out of warranty, leaving me with what feels like a white elephant. It's akin to buying a safe without the seller providing the password.

Naturally, I reached out to the "trustworthy" Carousell seller, Jonathon Tan, who claimed that the setup code is located at the bottom of the device, albeit not very visible. I took a clear photo of the bottom and informed him that I couldn't locate the code.

The seller said the setup code is at the bottom, "not very visible". Can you see it? Maybe only one with Sharingan can see.

I was told to remove the black sticker base. Ya right, now I can see the QR code and setup code clearly. I can even see the chip.

After receiving this photo, he ghosted me. Below is the screenshot of the entire conversation on Carousell:

Initially he was a "good" seller

I paid him the full amount before arrange for Grab Express

So far so good, nothing unusual yet.

First warning sign, he did not reply when I asked for exchange of review.

I checked for the setup code again the next day morning to make sure I wasn't cock eye.

I'm still trying to be polite

And he ghosted me

I was disappointed that despite my carefulness, I still encountered a dishonest person. The listing consists of two devices: a Google Nest wifi router and an add-on point. While the router is actually working fine, the add-on point is now essentially useless. So technically, if he were to refund me $50, I would be satisfied. The problem is, he doesn't even intend to resolve this issue at all. This is morally incorrect and dishonest, and I cannot easily let it go.

The next course of action is to report it to Carousell. However, I wasn't hopeful because he didn't even accept the offer! Furthermore, the transaction did not go through Carousell Protection. Despite this, I reported it anyway. Below is their response:

Carousell's first email

As anticipated, their capacity is limited. However, I elaborated on the experience I had encountered previously. This time, they are much more proactive.

Carousell's second email

"We have removed all of the seller's listings from the marketplace and restricted their access in Carousell. Additionally, I have left a system feedback on your seller's profile."

I'm glad that Carousell is doing their part to protect the community from dishonest sellers. Thank you Carousell.

Carousell's warning

Carousell's review

He finally replied:

Around 2 hours after Carousell's second email, he replied.

Trying to say that I don't know how to set it up

I genuine wanted to settle with him, but he continue to assume I never speak to Google support before going to him.

Jonathan, you expect me to buy your product so that I can keep checking with Google support ah? Got pretty girls bo?

Then he ghosted me again. Lol. Maybe he is the real Sasuke, can see the setup code and make himself disppear.

One last thing:

One final action I can take is to write and warn people about him. For your information, I have opted not to publish his home address as it would be excessive. Below are the details of the dishonest seller.

Jonathan Tan 96995110

96995110 Jonathan Tan

In his Carousell about section, he shared his Facebook page doing corporate gift:


Tyigiftsg Corporate Gift

He also has another Carousell account using the same mobile phone, selling bicycle-related items. Wow, multiple businesses, impressive!

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Bro, you've tarnished years of your business reputation just to save $100. Clearly, not a businessman.