$90 for an app

I'm somewhat a thrifty person. I rarely spend on expensive food or fancy clothing but Apple products and education are my weak spot. That said, I’ve learnt to control unnecessary purchase after realising I don’t need the latest feature on my phone every year. Now I’m using iPhone 11 and my trusty iMac from 2013.

As for iOS app, I’ve purchased a few. Mainly utility apps and a couple of games. I have to admit I'm guilty of buying game skins. To make myself feel better, it is to support the game developer for their hard work. 😅

Most apps in App Store cost a few dollars or free. That somehow set our expectation on how much we are willing to spend on an app. Before the era of App Store, $50-100 for a software is pretty normal. Now, this amount seem ridiculous.

Back to the app that I purchased. It is a note writing app that cost $44.98! I have tried a fair bit of note apps but always end up with Apple's native note app. The speed and seamless experience is unbeatable.

Until I discovered iA Writer. The Focus Mode feature is incredibly useful - remove all the distraction. Style Check can help improve my writing. And I'm a sucker for minimal design.

Although it cost $45, it is a one-time fee and I get to own the app forever. Well kind of. Anyway I prefer one-time payment than subscription.

Oh and its $90 because iMac App is another $45 purchase. Ouch.

My spending excuse is I will be more motivated to write a blog. You be my judge. Haha.