Being 40 feels like having only 60% of my 30's energy. I began to eat cautiously and exercise regularly. More afraid of death than ever—I’m afraid of roller coaster ride now.

My goals in life is different as well. Perhaps because of my son or maybe I have gain more life experience. I’ve learnt how to take a slower approach in life. Do things the smart way instead of the hard way. Cherish my time with friends and family. My purpose of living is no longer money driven. I've learnt to enjoy the process, the journey. Enjoy the moment.

In my mid 30s, I learnt about minimalism. I was hooked to it. For some reason I can related to it. I feel like minimalism is somewhat a part of me already. I began to purchase less and if I do, I'll try to purchase product with minimal design. Owning lesser stuff, removing things that doesn't bring me value.

I must say late 30s is kind of my midlife crisis. Lost of direction. Just like swimming around in the sea looking for a float. Questioning myself if entrepreneur route is what I want moving forward. Doubting myself for being jack of all trades, master of none.

Honestly at the moment I'm still uncertain. But what I'm certain is I will always be learning and improving. That's in my blood. I'll just manoeuvre along the way. Right now I'm all over Options Trading. It is highly addictive and dangerous. Hoping to share more of it in future post.

Happy birthday, Jinhoe.